Reeyarn Li


I am a researcher in accounting and economics at Paderborn University, Germany. My research interests include disclosure regulation, law and finance, and using machine learning (e.g. LLM) and textual analysis to extract non-financial information from corporate disclosure.

My PhD dissertation, coauthored with my advisors from HKUST, Kai Wai Hui and Allen Huang, was published in Journal of Accounting Research in 2019. In this paper titled “Federal Judge Ideology: A New Measure of Ex Ante Litigation Risk,” we explore how the ideology of federal judges impacts litigation risk for firms. We find that firms operating in liberal circuits (where judges exhibit more liberal ideology) faced a 33.5% higher likelihood of being sued in securities class action lawsuits compared to those in conservative circuits. Our research highlights the importance of considering judge ideology when assessing litigation risk.

In a follow-up study, coauthored with Benedikt Franke and Allen Huang, we delve into the intricate relationship between case law precedents and the legal liabilities faced by firms involved in financial misreporting. Our investigation aims to understand how past legal decisions shape the current landscape of risk for these companies. By analyzing relevant court rulings and their implications, we shed light on the nuanced interplay between legal frameworks and corporate accountability. Our findings have significant implications for firms navigating the complex terrain of financial reporting and regulatory compliance. The paper is titled “Securities Law Precedents, Legal Liability, and Financial Reporting Quality" and is forthcoming in the Review of Finance.

My concurrent other studies include ███ █████, ████ ██ ██ and ████ ███ ████ ████ ████ ██ ███. If interested, please get in touch. mailto: reeyarn {at} gmail {dot} com